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1 A semi-colon always marks a ‘compound’ sentence, for both what precedes and what follows a semi-colon must inclused independent clauses. The semi-colon marks a new idea: I heard her sweeping away; and soon after she was gone, I suppose I had a species of fit Jane hears Mrs. Reed sweeping, and then has a fit.

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14. Which of the following examples contains a subordinating conjunction? A. Not only did she dye her hair purple, but she also pierced her ears. B. Either he is going to the movies or staying home to read. C. You can have the lasagna or the spaghetti for dinner. D. Charlotte swept the floor after she finished cooking. Question and answer 14.

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Run-on sentence means that you wrote two independent clauses but they are not joined by a period, comma or semicolon. You just combine them without any logic: “This star is very bright it is called Sirius.” Comma splice. If you join two independent clauses by simply using a comma, you create a comma splice.

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Combine the following sentences using the conjunctions given in the brackets. 1. He will not spend his money. He will not invest it. (neithernor) 2. John is a doctor. His wife is a doctor. (bothand) 3. He is very ill. The doctors do not expect him to recover. (sothat) 4. Tom was down with flu. He could not attend the class. (because. 34 Beautiful Examples of Vehicle / Car Branding. Vehicle and car branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. Here we have innovative and creative designs of vehicle branding for inspiration. If you're on a low budget, create your logo stickers & decals online is also a good choice, as a high.

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The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency declined to shorten the 16-year prison sentence of Trent Bouhdida, a 29-year-old man who, in 2015, sold an undercover cop an ounce of marijuana. Bouhdida.

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